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Seneca Shine is a complete auto detailing service that operates as part of The Arc's vocational training program. Seneca Shine is located behind The Arc's main facility at 203 12th Street in Watkins Glen, NY. We offer various wash and wax packages for cars, RVs, motorcycles and boats. Our trained staff hand wash and hand dry your vehicle - No Streaks! No Spots! Hours and package prices as of effective August 1, 2015 are listed below.

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Phone: 607-535-6934 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Seneca Shine

Hand wash, bug/tar removal, clean door jambs, wax & polish exterior; dust interior, in-cluding vents and crevices, vacuum & shampoo carpets and seats; clean & dress vinyl & rubber, including tires; clean windows inside and out


Watkins Winner

Hand wash, wax & polish; dust & vacuum interior; clean windows inside and out & tires


Wash and Wax

Hand wash, wax & polish exterior

$55.00 *(Trucks, vans & SUV- add an additional $10.00 for all wax packages)

Gleaming Glen

Hand wash and chamois dry, dust dash and console and vacuum interior, clean windows and tires


Speedy Wash

Hand wash & chamois dry


All prices listed are subject to New York State Sales Tax. Additional fees may apply based on the vehicles condition.

Please remove all valuables from your vehicle. Seneca Shine is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

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