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Ticket to Work


The Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency program is an employment program for people with disabilities who want to enter or return to the workforce.

What is the Ticket to Work program?

The Ticket to Work program is an employment program designed to decrease concerns about losing health care coverage or income from benefits by returning to work and to increase opportunities and choices for Social Security Disabilities beneficiaries to obtain employment from public and private providers, employers and other organizations.M/p>

Do I qualify for the Ticket to Work program?

If you are age 18 through 64 and receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, then you qualify.

Does it cost anything to participate in the Ticket Program?

No. This is a free and voluntary program for people receiving Social Security disability benefits.

What is a Ticket?

Tickets are administered to eligible individuals who are receiving cash benefits under the Social Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance programs. The tickets are assigned to approved service providers called Employment Network in order to obtain services.

Tickets allow benefit recipients to access vocational training, education, job placement services, and other supports to help them reach their employment goals.

How do I get a Ticket?

When a person is determined to be eligible for Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, they also receive a paper Ticket in the mail along with a letter explaining the program.

If you receive these benefits, but did not receive, or do not have your ticket, contact the Ticket to Work hotline at 866-968-7842 to get a replacement ticket.

What is an Employment Network? How do I find information about Employment Networks in my area?

Employment Networks are organizations and agencies that provide employment services, vocational rehabilitation services, and other supports to people receiving Social Security disability benefits under the Ticket to Work program.

The Arc of Schuyler is an Employment Network that provides services through its Glen Industries division. Beneficiaries can talk with multiple Employment Networks before assigning the Ticket. Beneficiaries can also un-assign their ticket and assign it to a new Employment Network if they choose.

How does the program work?

The Ticket Program allows beneficiaries to receive vocational services and supports at no cost. Beneficiaries can choose the Employment Network they want to work with to receive services and assign their ticket to that Employment Network.

By receiving these services, beneficiaries are working toward employment, increased self-sufficiency, and greater independence. As beneficiaries achieve certain milestones and outcomes, Social Security compensates the Employment Network for providing service.

Will I lose my Social Security benefits when I participate in the Ticket Program to get vocation services and supports?

Beneficiaries will continue to receive benefits until they begin earning wages or self-employment income above the applicable earnings limit for the Supplemental Security Income or Socials Security Disability Insurance program.

Social Security cannot perform a medical “Continuing Disability Review” to determine if beneficiaries continue to have a disability while participating in the Ticket Program, including receiving services from the State Vocational Rehabilitation agency, and progressing toward your employment goal.

Only earnings can affect benefit eligibility and how much a person can earn before it affects monthly benefits varies for each person. Beneficiaries can also take advantage of Social Security Work Incentives that allow beneficiaries to subtract certain amounts from their gross earnings.

Is there someone who can help me understand the disability program rules and Work Incentives?

Benefits and Work Incentives Practitioners certified through the Disability and Employment Institute at Cornell University are available by appointment at The Arc of Schuyler to answer questions about Work Incentives and how part-time, full-time, or seasonal work would affect your benefits.

The Arc also sponsors Social Security Work Incentives Workshops to recipients of Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability Income, their family members, and service providers. If there are upcoming workshops, they will be listed here.

You can also contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask to be notified when a workshop is scheduled.

How do I activate my Ticket?

Assigning your Ticket to The Arc is an activation of a work partnership. We can help you complete the steps of activating your ticket:

  1. If you are the beneficiary of Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance, call Maximus (866.968.7842) an organization that will give you information about Employment Networks and services. You can meet with multiple Employment Networks before assigning your ticket.
  2. If you meet with and choose The Arc of Schuyler as your Employment Network, we will call Maximus to verify your ticket eligibility. We will then work with you to develop a career path plan and send that plan to Maximus.
  3. Maximus will receive and review the career path plan and assign your ticket to us. Next, you will receive a notification of your Ticket assignment from Social Security.
  4. Then you can begin implementing your career path plan at The Arc.
More information

For more information about the Ticket to Work program, click here.


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